On the Illiterate Mind

The things that make me, me, that other people won't take seriously. The things that inspire me, that other people won't take seriously. But I guess I should write about myself here too. Name's Thomas, born November 8, 1996. Everything else you can make up.

Honestly, I’m jealous. How does none of this faze you?  ’Cause it sure as hell knocks the wind out of me every time.

I really wish you’d get off my Facebook chat bar….

What gets me tighter than college applications is the patronizing tone my parents now adopt with me whenever I have work. One breakdown does not equate baby talk.

It sucks that I can just run into you like that.

And that just seeing you can make me pull the tightest U-Turn ever, also sucks.

When I was a little kid, I never understood the song “Ticket to Ride.” I’d say to my parents, “if she’s driving him mad, why’s he sad that she’s going away??” And usually they’d say something like “you’ll understand when you’re older.”

yeah… I get it.

I hate getting playlists from people.  ’Cause it gives them the power to ruin songs for me, and that’s just not cool.

“I’m still writing about you and you haven’t read a word.”

—   Travis Grandt, You Won the Breakup  (via 0riginal)

(Source: theunquotables, via scarrrrred)

I can’t help it. I have sticky emotions. It’s hard for me to let go. Sometimes I think I just don’t want to though. And that thought scares me. Because clearly you’ve let go and where does that leave me? Great question, I’ll tell you: it leaves me wondering where things changed for you. Because it felt like you made the push and it felt like you made the plans for months from then and months from now, and I just can’t help wondering where things changed for you.

I don’t know why I’m doing this…

That’s a lie.  I’m doing this because I know you’ll never see it.  And thank god for that because you’d definitely be really pissed off if you did.  But that’s another reason to do it too.  You used to say how you hated taking pictures because it froze all of your flaws in an instant.  So I guess I’m doing this because I hope it’ll remind you that pictures can also capture the good times in an instant.  Pictures can also capture your flawlessness in an instant.  And I guess I’m not really in a position where I should be posting this anymore, but hey, it’s late (queue, you are very helpful in avoiding tumblr primetime)… I have a fever… Those are legitimate excuses… right?